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Momchil Metodiev, Ph.D. and Dr. habil. (Philosophy), is Academic Advisor at the Sofia Platform in Sofia, Bulgaria. He is author of the monographs State Security – Advantage by Inheritance: Professional Biographies of the Senior Officers (2016, with Maria Dermendjieva), Between Faith and Compromise. The Bulgarian Orthodox Church and the Communist State, 1944-1989 (2010) and Legitimacy Machine: The Place of the State Security within the Communist State (2008). Currently he is Editor in Chief of the Journal Christianity and Culture and a research fellow at the Institute for Studies of the Recent Past in Sofia, Bulgaria. He has taken part in the compilation of several documentary collections published by the Bulgarian Dossier Commission and has worked on several Bulgarian and international projects researching the communist past, including the Cold War Research Project at the Woodrow Wilson Institute in Washington, DC. For more information, see

When the archives of the former Bulgarian State Security services were opened, one writer remembered with amazement an odd day of his life. Each …