Scenes from Life Under Communism

February 11, 2015

Curated by Dissident

Wall Jumper

East German soldier Conrad Schumann famously defected to the west by jumping over the Berlin Wall in 1961. Construction of the Wall was not yet complete at the time and Schumann only had to clear a low barbed wire in order to get to West Berlin.

Up Close

A close-up shot of the Berlin Wall, installed in 1961, that divided communist East Berlin from free West Berlin. The Wall stood until 1989.

On the outskirts

While the communist wall within Berlin is being strengthened, the East Germans are preparing a line between the outskirts of West Berlin (left) and East Germany (October, 1961)

Always Watching

Watchful communist border guard mans the Berlin Wall and keeps a constant lookout for persons attempting to escape from East Berlin (1964).

Gap in the Wall

Communist border guards inspect a gap in the Berlin Wall where two East German construction workers escaped and broke through (April, 1962).

Berlin Wall Reinforced

Under the watchful eye of communist police, East German workers reinforce the walls dividing the city (October 1961).